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April 30, 2012
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Jackie Estacado in the Darkness by Signore-delle-Ombre Jackie Estacado in the Darkness by Signore-delle-Ombre
- "Pił ti avvicini alla luce, pił grande diventa la tua ombra"-

-Jackie Estacado- Pittura digitale di un Poster di The Darkness 2. L'obiettivo era creare un quadro veloce (circa 7 ore) non una copia fedele dell'immagine di riferimento
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J25TheArcKing Sep 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is darker and beautiful!
LOVE this game and LOVE this piece. Do you know if there's an online store that sells this as a poster? I want this on my wall!
Ehm... this is my work I have not taken from the web ;) I can't sell my work because is based on a poster :( I think I'll violate copyrigt
artnerdx Aug 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
awesome piece man.....i am motivated by your stuff,that i even feel like uploading my unfinished darkness piece:)
You can do it! It may be a great piece! :)
artnerdx Aug 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
sure i have done the sketch already...and its a prototype vs darkness ish.i will be putting it up soon after i'm done with some other random pieces;)
Looks great man!

Cn you tell me where I can find such a great smoke-brush???

cheers from Holland,

Thanks man! Ehm... I've found that smoke brush right here on Deviantart
This is freaking brilliant. I hope you don't mind - this image has now become my wallpaper.

I just finished Darkness 2 and loved pretty much every aspect of it. From the voice acting to the pacing of the story - I don't think any other game this year has managed to create such a compelling experience. And that gameplay! Straight tearing dudes up and eating their hearts just NEVER gets old! Poor Jenny... even as somebody who had no prior exposure to the Darkness franchise before this game, I still think "man, that's fucked up."

Anyway, one of the most memorable elements of the game was, surprisingly, the loading sequences. Those scenes with Jackie just sitting alone in the dark, with just a dim spotlight shining on him gave the game MAJOR style points.

All I wanted is for one of those loading screens to be made into a nice, high quality wallpaper. The official website has two to choose from, but unfortunately, they both have huge "The Darkness II" logos splashed on them - totally ruining the effect.
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